Tribe Leaders

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Poet, Author, Activist, Co CEO, Tribe Founder

Poet, Co -- CEO, and Tribe Founder

Animator, Illustrator, and Culinary Artist

Culinary Portfolio:

Webtoon:  https;//


Pianist, Seamstress, Artist

Beautifier and Aesthetician (Permanent makeup)

Robbie: Reiki healer, Tarot Reader, Writer, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Artist and Illustrator

Scent Alchemist

Beautifier and Interior Designer

Computer Graphics and Musician

Ron; Musician, Magic Worker, Computer Progamer

Massage Therapist, Artist, Energy Healer

Photographer and Musician


Photographer and Musician

All Around Jester and Fun Food Guy

Graphic Designer and Comic Book Artist

Philantropist, Enviromentalist, and Energy Saver

Wiccan and Reiki

Musician and Bodybuilder 

Artist, Musician, Spiritualist, Graphic Desighner, Photographer

Bellydancer, tribal belly dancer who infuses the energy around her and sends it out back into the world



Emotional intelligence

Desire to connect with the world through art


Dark sense of humor

"Nec stultus est fuckis"

System Structure

No bigotry 
(Religious, race, sex, and political intolerance isn’t going to work in a group lead by a circle of people that incorporates White, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American,  Indian, Gay, Straight, Bi, A-sexual, witch, Atheist, Christian, Catholic, Liberal, Conservative, and nondenominational people who are accepting  of others beliefs and geneology.


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