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Sage, perceivably a perfect example of a successful serial entrepreneur, devoted mother, and wife, has within her an ancient secret awaiting discovery. Though her public persona is nothing sort of an ideal existence, she leads a second life imbued with spiritual, sensual, and esoteric behavior. As Sage’s mind procures a curators elucidation in the structure of an inner monologue that belongs to an eclectic spiritualist, peculiar artist, indigo empath, intuitive witch and anarchist; she travels between the realms of arbitrary, sacred, ambiguous, and fundamental worlds. Within said worlds, she embarks upon a journey where she traverses through greater dimensions, lucid dreams, premonitions, and connects to an immortal lover that begins to drain the essence of her organic life tied to her five basic senses.  In the perpetual cycle of good and evil, trials and tribulations found both within her inner psyche and external circumstances; Sage learns immortal secrets so powerful that they have the potential of changing the course of both humankind and all beings who thrive on the third dimension of earth-realm….

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