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Rogue and Wicked Podcast

“Wendy Anne carries herself with a magnetic energy that’s apparent the second you speak with her. This same captivating force shines through in her writing as well, with her first book Sage” –Enspire 


"Wendy Anne’s aura is personified in her writing. This is one author who understands that polarities are not divisive, but are the bridge that connects us all. " -  In Entertainment 

“Ascension exquisitely blends romance, fantasy, the metaphysical and erotica seducing readers with sensual and mysterious plots.” Hubpages


“Wendy Anne’s journey led her to celebrate human diversity and show, rather than tell others her view of the world." -  K.C. Armstrong, author of “Simply Amazing Women”


There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen
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